Greco roman wrestling vs judo

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Training in both will give you a very good grappling system. You can use Greco-Roman clinching to execute Judo-style throws and sweeps, and Judo will give you a basic knowledge of submissions. Well they would both have similar benefits for self defense. You could disable someone by driving them into the ground. Judo has more submissions and holds so it would be better for that. In terms of developing strength I'm sure Greco wins.

Both of those would be good self defense systems not complete systems but useful systems. I love wrestling and I love judo, but greco wrestlers are simply studly. I wish I could find a place to train greco regularly, but judo is the best I can get. Trending News. Super Bowl schedule change could benefit Bucs.

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Rodgers on 4th-down FG call: 'Wasn't my decision'. NFL veteran Greg Olsen announces retirement. GOP resistance to impeachment trial grows. Tell me your experience. Answer Save.It was contested at the first modern Olympic Games in and has been included in every edition of the summer Olympics held since Greco-Roman wrestling is one of several forms of amateur competitive wrestling practised internationally.

The other wrestling disciplines sanctioned by United World Wrestling are: men's freestyle wrestling, women's freestyle wrestling, grappling submission wrestlingpankrationAlysh belt wrestlingPahlavani wrestling, and beach wrestling. The name "Greco-Roman" was applied to this style of wrestling as a way of purporting it to be similar to the wrestling formerly found in the ancient civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea especially at the ancient Greek Olympics.

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At that time, the athletes initially wore skintight shorts but later wrestled each other naked. It is speculated that many styles of European folk wrestling may have spurred the origins of Greco-Roman wrestling.

InExbrayat established the rule that no holds below the waist were to be allowed; neither were painful holds or torsions that would hurt the opponent. The Italian wrestler Basilio Bartoletti first coined the term "Greco-Roman" for the sport to underline the interest in "ancient values.

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The 18th century work Gymnastics for Youth by Johann Friedrich Guts Muths described a form of schoolboy wrestling called "orthopale" used by Plato to describe the standing part of wrestling that did not mention any lower-body holds.

The British never really enjoyed Greco-Roman wrestling in comparison to its less restrictive counterpart, freestyleand neither did the Americans, despite the efforts of William Muldoon a successful New York barroom freestyle wrestler who served in the Franco-Prussian War and learned the style in France to promote it in the United States after the Civil War.

However, on the continent of Europethe style was highly promoted. Almost all the continental European capital cities hosted international Greco-Roman tournaments in the 19th century, with much prize money given to the place winners. For example, the Czar of Russia paid francs for wrestlers to train and compete in his tournament, with 5, francs awarded as a prize to the tournament winner.

Greco-Roman wrestling soon became prestigious in continental Europe [7] and was the first style registered at the modern Olympic Gamesbeginning in Athens in with one heavyweight bout, [10] and grew in popularity during the 20th century.

Louis Olympic Games ofwhen freestyle first emerged as an Olympic sport. Inhe won professional tournaments in Moscow and St.

greco roman wrestling vs judo

Petersburg and a series of international tournaments after that. After defeating Tom Jenkins from the United States in both freestyle and Greco-Roman matches in England, Georg Hackenschmidt wrestled exclusively freestyle in order to compete better against English, Australian, and American opponents. Winning more than 2, victories in Greco-Roman and freestyle, Hackenschmidt served as the physical education adviser to the House of Lords after his retirement.

Professional matches in Greco-Roman wrestling were known for their great brutality. Body slams, choke-holds, and head-butting was allowed, and even caustic substances were used to weaken the opponent. By the end of the 19th century, gouging with the nails, punching, and violently slamming the arms together around the opponent's stomach were forbidden.Post a Comment. Wrestling vs judo. The match between American catch wrestler Ad Santel and 5th-degree judo black belt Tokugoro Ito was an early gi vs.

A notable match in was between two prime representatives of their respective crafts: the American catch wrestler Ad Santel was the World Light Heavyweight Champion in catch wrestling, while Tokugoro Ito, a 5th degree black belt in Judo, claimed to be the World Judo Champion. Santel defeated Ito and proclaimed himself World Judo Champion. Catch wrestlers like Frank Gotch and Martin "Farmer" Burns weren't wearing gis while they were submitting opponents in the late s.

And they weren't the first. I did judo when i was a teenager for six years. Now i'm a olympic wrestler and grappler. I am not for a second going to suggest I am very good at it or an expert, but IMO wrestling beats judo easily.

Judo is a good sport, especially for children, because most importantly it gives you balance and ability to feel your opponents balance. It also develops hips which is good for just about wrestling. Still wrestling does all that, and so so much more.

Wrestlers are the strongest people on this planet. In Judo competitions you basically hold each other's sleeve and run around in a circle, until one opponent looses a bit of balance and or makes a mistake, which is all jolly and nice, but a good Thai Boxer will ruin you if you just try to grab him. The other thing is the damn belt. Gi can sort of simulate the casual clothing they used to wear in 17th century Japan, but its not really applicable to todays street clothing.

Everyone has two arms, two legs, and a neck to grab, so Wrestling is the better way.

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Judo is stated to have started in the 's A. C with Jigoro Kano. You could argue its roots started earlier. Earliest depiction of Wrestling dates back to B.

Judo vs Greco Roman Wrestling?

So while both have moves in common, wrestling was the origin and the throws were adapted in Judo. All nogi judo throws are included in Freestyle Wrestling.Discussion in ' Grappling Technique ' started by gaboooDec 18, Log in or Sign up.

Joined: Feb 27, Messages: Likes Received: 0. What happens if a Judo olympic medalist fights a Greco Roman olympic medalist in the Cage? Lets assume they both have average stand up, and are more or less equally athletic.

Who gets the takedown? And what about Judo vs freestyle wrestling? And Greco roman vs Freestyle? Ok I remember that fight between Couture and Tito where Couture dominated all the way and tito started crying. But Couture is more bulky and I would bet hes quite much stronger than ortiz. Joined: Apr 26, Messages: 34, Likes Received: 1, Yoshida vs.

Gardner happens. MagooglieDec 18, Joined: Aug 1, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 0. Depends on the fighter He wins.

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ShadowdeanDec 18, In an MMA match its near impossible to say cos there are so many more elements to consider. In a grappling match the wrestler would prob get top control and the judoka would sub him from there.

Thats how Id see a lot of those matches going, add in painful strikes and its a totally different ball game. Happy BoyDec 18, Joined: Oct 9, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 0. ThalionDec 18, Joined: Aug 7, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 0. Rip-RabboDec 18, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wresting both involve grappling with an opponent, but the two sports have their differences.

Although it has an ancient-sounding name, Greco-Roman wrestling originated in France in the 19th century; the name comes from a desire to incorporate ancient values. Freestyle wrestling which derives from catch-as-catch-can wrestling, where you can use nearly any technique to pin your opponent's shoulders to the ground, became popular during the 19th century in the United States and Great Britain.

In freestyle wrestling, participants can use their legs as both offensive and defensive weapons, which is not permitted in Greco-Roman wrestling. In addition, freestyle wrestlers can attempt to take an opponent to the mat with a single- or double-leg takedown, but Greco-Roman wrestlers cannot grab their opponents below the waist at all.

Wrestlers in the two sports thus use significantly different techniques and strategies when grappling. Greco-Roman wrestlers also cannot use their legs to make contact with their opponents, making it more difficult to secure a takedown. Freestyle wrestlers can throw an opponent to the ground and regain contact with him afterward to apply a hold. A Greco-Roman wrestler, however, must maintain contact with his opponent throughout the takedown for the hold to count.

greco roman wrestling vs judo

The referee will stop an illegal hold immediately if the two lose contact, making it vital for a Greco-Roman wrestler to accompany his opponent to the ground.

The referee will charge freestyle wrestlers with fleeing a hold if they refuse contact with an opponent to prevent him from initiating a hold.

This can also occur in Greco-Roman wrestling, but that sport has rules to regulate fleeing a hold on the ground. Because Greco-Roman wrestlers cannot grasp an opponent below the waist, the opponent must avoid putting the attacker in that position. Therefore, if one wrestler ends up on the ground because of his opponent's action, the fallen athlete cannot jump forward to avoid a hold.

This action would force the attacking wrestler to hold his opponent's thighs, although he would not receive a fault in this case.

In freestyle wrestling, the ordered hold occurs when a period ends without either athlete scoring a point. A random draw determines which wrestler receives an advantage.

greco roman wrestling vs judo

The loser of the draw must put one leg in the middle of the center circle and the other leg outside of the circle. This gives his opponent a clear chance at a takedown, which would score the round in his favor.

If the disadvantaged wrestler does not give up a point, he wins the round. In Greco-Roman wrestling, the wrestlers take turns going into the par terre position at the end of each period. Par terre position occurs with one wrestler on his hands and knees in the center of the circle and his opponent behind him, either standing or with one knee on the ground.

The wrestler leading at the end of the standing portion of the round generally receives the first par terre advantage. Jeremi Davidson began freelance writing in Davidson enjoys writing about sports and personal fitness, contributing to a number of different health and lifestyle websites. By: Jeremi Davidson. Published: 16 November, More Articles. Home Fitness Strength Training.Wrestling is one of those martial arts that has been around for ages, and it is arguably the best base for mixed martial arts.

There are two main styles of wrestling nowadays: Greco-Roman and freestyle. Despite being named after two ancient civilizations, Greco-Roman style is actually quite recent. This style of wrestling began in France in the early nineteenth century to incorporate ancient values into the sport. Greco-Roman wrestling is practiced worldwide and was first part of the Olympic Games in It has continued to be part of the summer Olympics since Freestyle wrestling is a grappling style that is also practiced worldwide.

Freestyle wrestling brings together the different traditional wrestling styles of sambo and judo. Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling have some key similarities but also differences.

Both involve grappling with an opponent, takedowns, and turns with the aim of pinning an opponent. The major differences between these two styles of wrestling include the following:. One of the main differences between these two styles of wrestling is that Greco-Roman forbids any holds below the waist, but freestyle wrestling allows you to use your legs as both defensive and offensive weapons.

You can also use a double leg or single leg takedown to pin your opponent to the mat. Because of this major difference, these two wrestling styles use vastly different strategies and techniques.

Since you cannot use your legs to secure a takedown in Greco-Roman wrestling, you will have to rely a lot more on headlocks, body locks, and arm drags.

Greco-Roman wrestling

Most Greco-Roman wrestlers also rely on an offensive technique known as a suplex, during which you lift your opponent in a high arch while they fall backward. Even while on the mat, you are not allowed to use your legs. Another major difference is how you throw your opponent to the ground. In freestyle wrestling, you can simply toss the opponent and regain contact with them afterward when they are on the canvas in order to secure a favorable position.

With Greco-Roman wrestling, however, you have to maintain contact with your opponent throughout the takedown for it to count. As a Greco-Roman grappler, you have to accompany your opponent to the canvas.Archived from the original on 2011-07-11.

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greco roman wrestling vs judo

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